Helping you be your best - optimizing your life.

At Phiten, we focus our energy on developing products that allow you to be your best. Our founder Yoshihiro Hirata got his start trying to help a friend suffering from chronic pain, and today, after extensive research and development, we continue to help people enhance their quality of life all around the globe, building on the Phiten philosophy of health, energy and well-being. As the makers of the original "titanium necklace," we combine our innovative technology with an athletic design sense to add energy and style to whatever you're doing.

Maybe you've seen MLB pitchers wearing our Tornado "twisted rope" necklaces and have been wondering what they are. Maybe our Titanium Tape is already an essential part of your daily warm up routine. Or perhaps you're just looking for your favorite NBA or MLB teams’ gear. Whatever the reason, we've got you covered. Our mission is to design and develop products with a special focus on supporting and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. Our products add a personal flair and unique energy to your game- on the field or off.

We combine a natural approach to health with innovative applications of our Phiten technology. We want to help people be good at what they do and be their best doing it.

PHITEN CO, Ltd. Japan
Yoshihiro Hirata